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The Challenge

St. Clair Hospital in southwestern Pennsylvania is an independent, 328-bed acute care medical center and member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, specializing in services that include cardiovascular, cancer care, orthopedic, and imaging.

With technology costs on the rise, St. Clair needed to optimize its supply operations to ensure it was making the most cost-effective decisions without sacrificing quality of care and outcomes. St. Clair needed accurate, objective pricing data to identify missed savings opportunities, and reliable clinical evidence to inform product decisions.


Ryan Beaver, director of supply chain management, made the decision to integrate ECRI Institute’s full range of decision support solutions and evidence-based clinical analyses into his supply chain workflow. He began to see immediate results.

“We don’t make any technology decisions without checking with ECRI first. They’ve become part of the St. Clair culture,” says Beaver. “Their tremendous resources are invaluable in our battle to control costs while making the smartest, safest technology decisions.”

These resources include SELECTplus® and PriceGuide™, ECRI’s industry-leading capital and supply price benchmarking services, as well as its Health Technology Assessment Information Service that delivers clinical evidence analyses on specific, brand-name products. Custom Product Briefs with The Evidence Bar™ provide ECRI Institute’s independent, unbiased conclusions based on the clinical evidence, safety information, and ongoing clinical trials that could potentially address evidence gaps.

the result

With the help of ECRI Institute, St. Clair’s supply chain team is driving smart, safe technology decisions while achieving significant cost reductions. Here are just a few of their recent successes:

  • Spine products—A PriceGuide spend analysis of St. Clair’s spine products helped them save $250,000 by standardizing and narrowing their field of suppliers from 13 to eight.
  • Total joint implants—ECRI’s health technology assessment experts analyzed the evidence surrounding an emerging total joint implant and helped inform a conversion to a new, less expensive implant.
  • Beds and stretchers—A SELECTplus market intelligence report with comparative product ratings revealed the five-year cost of ownership on five bed vendors, saving St. Clair $2,200 per bed. They standardized on just two vendors. Similarly, they were able to save $3,000 per stretcher across their inventory.

“We feel very confident presenting ECRI’s objective, science-based data to our physicians and executive leadership to inform the decision-making process,” reports Beaver. “ECRI’s resources have helped strengthen our negotiating power and build credibility for our supply chain team.”


Learn more about SELECTplus, PriceGuide, and Health Technology Assessment memberships.