Senior Care Solutions

Improve reimbursement revenues through better quality measures, increase operating margins, improve quality outcomes, and reduce the risks, frequency, and severity of claims and litigation.

How do senior care leaders keep pace, control escalating costs, increase reimbursement revenues, manage supply and staff shortages, prevent resident and staff harm, and improve quality to sustain operations and remain viable? Many turn to the expert help of ECRI services for long-term and post-acute care. We understand the immense pressure you face to provide the best care possible for residents; ensure quality, safety, and regulatory compliance; and protect yourself.

ECRI's comprehensive suite of tools and consulting services spanning long-term and post-acute care environments, as well as home-based services, gives you the data, insights, and experts you need to identify evidence-based practices and services that provide safer, value-based care for your organization.

Our team of experts work together with you to help you:

  • Reduce expenses and save time and money
  • Improve quality measures while also increasing reimbursement revenues and supporting value-based purchasing
  • Prevent harm through risk management, quality improvement, and increased safety for residents, patients, and staff

Our senior care experts work with providers to develop customized solutions that address their unique needs and challenges.

Reduce spend on supplies and capital

Strengthen your overall spending and ensure you have a more effective purchasing function that supports your organization's financial and safety goals with purchasing assurance.

Purchasing Assurance helps you to:

  • Reduce spend on supplies, capital, and equipment
  • Manage and plan for capital replacement and purchasing
  • Evaluate the performance of supplies and equipment with information from our independent lab to make decisions based on value, not just on cost
  • Receive evidence-based knowledge on new and emerging healthcare products and technology
  • Obtain advance notification on critical alerts and recalls

Utilize ECRI's robust price database to benchmark what peers paid for more than 2 million unique consumable supplies, capital, environmental services, food services, office supplies, and other products at five price points. Access spend analytics to reveal potential savings on current and future purchases. Typically, our members identify savings opportunities of approximately 15% or more on their overall spend and achieve more than 10 times return on investment.

Make safe, cost-effective product decisions faster and without compromising care by using our independent clinical, technical, and evidence assessments; device evaluations; product comparison data; and patient safety content.

Improve quality measures while also increasing reimbursement revenues and supporting value-based purchasing

Establish the infrastructure needed to proactively improve care, quickly address adverse events, and prevent revenue loss with ECRI and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

Advancing a culture of safety and quality will enable you to:

  • Stay ahead of patient safety challenges that affect clinical quality and resident satisfaction
  • Improve quality measures such as readmission rates, use of antipsychotic drugs, medication errors, falls, pressure injuries, and infections
  • Share insights with peers across the industry and collaborate on resident, patient, and staff safety
  • Use data-driven, evidence-based practices to drive performance improvement and quality of care

Through a partnership with a dedicated liaison who has depth and breadth of subject matter expertise, we'll help you solve complex challenges and address your toughest questions. Improve quality measures with value-based purchasing, our quality reporting program, and five-star quality ratings utilizing our analytics dashboard, which turns your adverse event data into useful information that helps you inform decision making and identify opportunities for performance improvement.

ECRI and the ISMP PSO has collected more than 3.5 million adverse events, which allows you to compare benchmarks and trends against a large dataset from across the industry, supporting your efforts to develop quality improvement plans aimed at reducing adverse events.

Also, you can access ECRI's unique evidence-based Device Evaluations to better understand and compare medical devices based on laboratory testing, ratings, and specification recommendations. ECRI's Clinical Evidence Assessment service can help you continually evaluate new and emerging healthcare technologies and novel ways to use existing products, procedures, and care processes.

Prevent harm through risk management, quality improvement, and increased safety for residents, patients, and staff

Preventing harm in senior care is a key priority for ECRI, and we offer a wide range of services and tools to help providers proactively manage risk and promote the delivery of safe, high-quality care.

Among those services, ECRI provides several types of healthcare consulting to support your organization's risk, quality, and safety efforts, including:

  • Safety consulting services, which include on-site consulting visits, proactive online risk assessments for high risk areas, and ECRI's Aging Services Risk Management (ASRM) membership to support your organization's efforts in:

    • Risk management and data-driven quality assurance and performance improvement programs
    • Education and training specific to your organization's needs
    • Root cause analysis work to identify performance gaps and to get to the root causes of adverse events, near misses, and unsafe conditions
    • Development and implementation of improvement recommendations through the use of performance improvement projects

Our long-term and post-acute care consulting experts' partner with you to analyze your organization's safety culture, care and service delivery systems, clinical programs, and technology to identify gaps and vulnerabilities that leave you at risk, and help you drive performance improvement.

Interested in learning more?

Set up a consultation with an ECRI expert to learn how to maximize supply chain budget, improve IPC policies and procedures, and advance quality and safety performance.


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