About ECRI

ECRI is a global, independent authority on healthcare technology and safety. Our products and services help the healthcare community to improve quality, reduce cost, and achieve better outcomes across all care settings. We accomplish this through a unique set of capabilities. We have a staff of impressive medical and scientific experts who analyze our patient safety data—the nation's largest data set of adverse events—constructing proactive ways to deliver better, safer patient care. Equally significant is our medical device evaluation lab, the only one of its kind in the world. These independent technology evaluations—combined with one of the largest supply and equipment pricing databases, recalls and safety alerts, and extensive clinical evidence—allow healthcare leaders to make confident, data-driven decisions every day. No other organization in the world has this combination of unique capabilities to advance cost-effective, safe healthcare across the continuum of care.

The most trusted voice in healthcare

As a non-profit, independent organization, ECRI maintains the highest principles of integrity and transparency. Our ethical standards are why we have the industry's strictest conflict-of-interest policies, and they are the reason why tens of thousands of healthcare leaders worldwide rely on ECRI to guide their clinical, operational, and strategic decisions.

ECRI is the only organization worldwide to conduct independent medical device evaluations, with North America and Asia Pacific laboratories. ECRI is designated an Evidence-based Practice Center by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. In addition, ECRI, together with ISMP (ECRI wholly owned subsidiary) is a federally certified Patient Safety Organization by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

At ECRI, our passion for the truth drives us to go further and dig deeper in our pursuit to advance effective, evidence-based healthcare globally.

It's what makes ECRI unique and why we are the most trusted voice in healthcare.

Who we serve and how we help them

Our roots are in the healthcare provider market, offering real-time guidance to improve patient safety, drive better outcomes through spend management price benchmarking and value analysis best practice solutions, along with clinical evidence assessment, patient safety reporting, and customized consultation.

As healthcare visionaries, we watch the horizon for new treatments, processes, and delivery models. This foresight positioned us to act quickly when the pandemic accelerated changes in how and where care is delivered. ECRI is fully invested in supporting the broader healthcare community by providing services to senior living centers, physician practices, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic facilities, and telehealth providers, as well as federally qualified health centers and home care providers.

With an overarching desire to provide transparent, evidence-based healthcare to all stakeholders, ECRI actively supports government and public agencies, payers, medical liability insurers, the financial, pharma, and biotech communities, and medical device manufacturers. By working in collaboration, we make healthcare more equitable, cost-effective, and safe.

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Our mission

Advancing effective, evidence-based healthcare globally

Our vision

A world where safe, high-quality healthcare is accessible to everyone