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Become a member of ECRI and benefit from our evidence-based patient safety research and customized services

The world of healthcare moves at a dizzying pace, yet daily decisions have long-term, high stakes for healthcare organizations and people they serve. Those on the frontlines of clinical care, whether they are physicians treating patients, administrators shaping policy, or facilities managers purchasing equipment, play vital roles in the safety and success of patient care. They need trusted advice from an independent, reputable source. ECRI’s 5,000-plus member organizations will attest that ECRI is that trusted source for information and products that improve the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of patient care.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Patient Safety: empowering leaders to eliminate patient harm through the dissemination of best practices, guidance, benchmarking, and recommendations.
  • Evidence-Based Medicine: providing clinical evidence to inform and support decisions across the healthcare continuum. As one of only nine federally designated evidence-based Practice Center, ECRI is recognized as a trusted source of guidance and consulting on new and emerging medical technologies, procedures, genetic testing, and clinical practice guidelines.
  • Technology Decision Support: arming members with unbiased insights so they can optimize their healthcare spend. ECRI’s technology decision-making solutions in areas such as medical device testing, evaluation, and price benchmarking, are backed by trusted clinical evidence and our deep understanding of healthcare technologies and they systems in which they are used.

The most trusted voice in healthcare

Members benefit from services and products that enable them to make better decisions, leading to healthcare environments that put safety first, advance clinical care, provide cost-effective options (without sacrificing quality). A lot of organizations claim to do what ECRI does, but no one has the independence, facilities, the talent pool, and the scientific rigor to match our efforts. Join us today and help create a safer healthcare world.

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