Clinical Evidence Assessment

Get the best available evidence on medical devices, drugs, procedures, and care processes with comprehensive custom research support

ECRI’s Clinical Evidence Assessment membership helps you make well-informed utilization decisions on medical devices, drugs, procedures, and care processes. Reports are developed by our independent, objective experts who are highly trained in the GRADE-based evidence rating system. Access thousands of reports or make custom research requests.

  • Make evidence-based decisions on technology from research and development to widespread diffusion
  • Get quick, reliable answers to your questions about brand-name products and healthcare interventions with our rapid reviews
  • Use our visual decision-making tool, The Evidence Bar™, for faster, expert judgment on new and emerging drugs and devices
  • Improve your value analysis decisions
  • Track trends on competing or disruptive technologies and compare products across technology classes
We don't make any technology decisions without checking with ECRI first.
Ryan Beaver
Director of Supply Chain Management,
St. Clair Hospital

Product Brief

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