Aging Services

Address the increasingly complex aging services care delivery and regulatory environment with evidence-based risk, quality, and safety expert assistance

Let ECRI Institute be your risk manager on retainer. Face your resident safety and risk management challenges with evidence-based resources, event reporting, and consulting. ECRI Institute’s guidance and tools cover the continuing, post-acute, and long-term care environments as well as home-based services.

  • Identify risk and improvement opportunities by evaluating safety events
  • Address resident safety with practical guidance and action-oriented resources
  • Update your organization’s policies and procedures with on-site collaboration
  • Establish evidence-based solutions through adverse event investigation and root-cause analysis

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The risk management materials produced by ECRI cover a vast array of topics and do so in depth. The tools take it to the next step from academic to operational. They are an invaluable resource for risk managers in any healthcare setting.
Virginia Kelley, MHA, ARM, CMPE, LHRM, FASHRM
VP of Risk Management,
Florida Doctors Insurance Company

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