Aging Services

Address the increasingly complex aging services care delivery and regulatory environment with expert guidance, proven approaches for quality and safety

Options for care are evolving rapidly to meet the needs of the aging population. Innovative technologies are reshaping service delivery in facilities and fueling new opportunities for people to age in place. In the face of change, one thing remains the same: the need to ensure quality, safety and compliance in complex regulatory environments.

With experience and resources spanning continuing, post-acute, and long-term care environments as well as home-based services, Aging Services Consulting gives leaders access to risk management expertise through a retainer model. Our experts are thought leaders on a range of quality, safety, and compliance topics. We help tackle some of the most pressing challenges in senior care.

Identify risk and improvement opportunities

ECRI’s consultants evaluate patient safety events to help identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve outcomes. Our risk management experts visit facilities to assess risks to patient and resident safety and/or regulatory compliance. We also recommend best practices for mitigating those risks and improving quality and safety for residents.

ECRI’s work has helped our members approach risk management pro-actively, assisting them in implementing an enterprise wide culture of safety that promotes the continual pursuit of providing the highest quality care and services…They have brought a completely new level of risk management and improved outcomes at our member organizations and their work has quite significantly advanced the profession of aging services risk management across all continuums of care in the long-term care and community & home based services environments.
Philip B. LeamanPresident/CEO Resource PartnersAttorney in Fact Peace Church Risk Retention Group

Address resident safety

Seemingly small risk factors can have a significant impact on resident safety and wellbeing. How can a community reduce fall risk? How can residents feel assured that they can call for help when they need it? What are the best ways to coordinate staff response to a resident fall or other safety incident? Consultants assess current practices and offer practical guidance and action-oriented resources to address those and other common safety challenges.

Update policies and procedures

Policies and procedures are essential to maintaining consistency and compliance in care and service delivery. These need to be “living” documents continually updated to reflect changes in care environments and the regulations that govern them. Bring ECRI on site to collaborate on reviewing and updating policies and procedures.

Investigate and resolve adverse events

When an adverse event occurs, our consultants can serve as an objective third party to investigate the event and analyze the root causes. Based on those findings, we can then recommend evidence-based solutions to help reduce the risk of these events in the future.

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