Alerts Workflow

Ensure the removal of harmful products before they reach the patient with automated recall management software

The lag time between the announcement of an alert and the actual removal of a product harmful to patients creates an ongoing threat to patient safety and liability risk. ECRI’s automated recall management software will make that process quicker, easier, and more effective, thereby reducing harm to patients and lowering risk.

Impactful performance
Alerts Workflow gives you high value returns; it increases patient safety, while actually streamlining, expediting, and reducing your workload. Members have experienced great results including:

  • A 50-90% reduction in time spent on alerts/recalls
  • Often receiving alerts days, weeks, and even months before FDA publication

How does Alerts Workflow function?
Alerts Workflow is easy-to-use because it does the hard work of tracking alerts for you. The platform delivers recall notifications directly to the correct contact person at your organization. Coordinator dashboards enable leadership to see how your facility is doing overall.

Alerts are available for a variety of items including:

  • Medical Devices
    • Capital/Durable Equipment
    • Consumables
    • Implants & Biologics
    • Contrast Media, Reagents
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Products
  • Blood Products

Notifications are easy to manage; you can identify and remove harmful products earlier and even manage inventory locations from your iOS device. This ease of use can improve your recall compliance rate to above 95%.

With Alerts Workflow, you’ll reduce the time you spend on challenging alerts:

  • Automatch, saves you time and effort by matching recalls to your inventory
  • Ability to tailor content exactly to your needs across 50 user categories
  • Access alerts from the manufacturers, member hospitals, FDA, regulatory agencies
  • ECRI content driven by research, testing, and event reporting
  • Access to a dedicated team of recall specialists provide support and industry expertise

Alerts Workflow is so effective that 97% of our customers renew. Find out more today and be ready for your next Joint Commission survey or FDA regulatory audit.

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