Healthcare Sourcing Workflow

Control costs and streamline processes for medical supplies, capital equipment and IT, and purchased services

Cut through the complexity of RFP and vendor management with a single-source workflow that helps accelerate time-consuming processes and uncover potential savings. ECRI’s Sourcing Workflow integrates GPO-neutral price benchmarking data, evidence-based guidance, and deep subject matter expertise to provide customized solutions for purchased services, capital/IT and supplies.

ECRI’s signature concierge service provides project development and best-in-class RFP analysis, saving time and effort while optimizing savings.

ECRI’s concierge service led the sourcing process and worked directly with stakeholders so supply chain did not need to manage it. ECRI executed a complete sourcing event from start to finish in just 4 weeks and we were able to make a decision in record time! I am grateful ECRI has been able to work so well with my team.
Level 1 Trauma Center

RFP development and analysis

ECRI’s equipment and services experts take a hands-on approach—consulting with you at every step in the process. We provide guidance from developing RFPs with detailed technical specification and pricing forms to obtaining concise, objective, and comparable responses from vendors.

As part of RFP development and analysis, ECRI experts provide:

  • RFP process suggestions based on best practices
  • Project timelines
  • Questions for key stakeholders
  • Customized electronic RFP documents
  • Detailed analysis of RFP responses
  • ECRI’s recommendation

Contract/Proposal analysis and review

ECRI’s Healthcare Sourcing experts can conduct a deep dive into your facility’s contract pricing and terms for detailed benchmarking and cost comparisons. We review vendor contracts and proposals item by item, making comparisons based on proposed models and configurations, contract terms, and service costs. The resulting analysis highlights potential negotiable cost savings.

We also deliver personalized support through five key steps:
1. Plan RFP scope, timeline, and vendors list
2. Analyze responses and compare proposals
3. Decide which vendors meet or exceed requirements
4. Negotiate for best pricing and service coverage
5. Monitor new contracts to assess cost savings

ECRI’s tailored analysis provides specific recommendations for purchased services, supplies and capital and IT equipment based on vendor responses to your facility's RFP. Our detailed reports recommend a specific vendor based on your facility’s clinical and technical requirements, life-cycle costs, and safety considerations.

We deliver a snapshot of the market—including a summary of key vendors and products. Easy-to-read tables summarize pricing information, trends, and ECRI member interest. The report serves as a foundational document for purchasing managers who are considering new equipment and technologies.

Our single-source workflow isn’t limited to just one area–to cover all your sourcing needs, we apply our expertise to solutions for purchased services, capital/IT, and supplies.

Sourcing for the purchased services your organization needs shouldn’t be complicated. Our end-to-end workflow streamlines the entire manual sourcing process into a transparent digital process – from identifying opportunities to price benchmarking to recommendations – to deliver substantial savings.

High-cost Capital and IT equipment sourcing requires market intelligence and clinical evidence to ensure the best vendor and product selection. Deep category and pricing expertise from our database provides market insight and pricing data, while independent product testing performed in ECRI’s on-site lab delivers unbiased clinical evidence for the decision process.

Streamline sourcing processes for hospital consumables with an automated workflow focused on price and utilization across your organization. Uncover savings opportunities with trusted, GPO-neutral price benchmarking. Our approach avoids a “one-size-fits-all” concept, empowering you to measure selections against key performance indicators specific to your organization’s needs.

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