Capital Purchasing

Improve total cost of ownership negotiations with customized reviews of your quoted prices

Healthcare supply chain spends more than $20 billion annually on capital medical and information technology (IT) equipment across hundreds of categories. Supply chain sometimes makes these purchasing decisions without good intelligence—resulting in millions in overspending. Without solid, unbiased data, supply chain can be at a disadvantage in high-stakes negotiations.

ECRI’s Capital Guide advisory service empowers supply chain in acute-care hospitals to transform capital medical and IT equipment purchasing. The real-world information it provides will support hospital goals, including delivering the high-quality patient care at the lowest possible cost—in a sustainable manner.

As a trusted voice in healthcare technologies, ECRI leverages our research and testing expertise to provide knowledge and assurance needed to make smart purchasing decisions for capital medical and IT equipment.

We were under budget in every line and felt the data we had from ECRI all year was strong.
John WalkerExecutive Director of Materials Management Owensboro Health

10 of 10 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals in the Nation (2018 – 2019) count on ECRI to support capital medical and IT equipment purchasing.

Healthcare capital equipment benchmark database and proposal analysis

Capital Guide members have access to a robust database that contains analyzed data of more than $7 billion in spend across 3,500 vendors and 125,000 unique items. Use the database to compare existing and proposed pricing against prices paid by your peers nationally or regionally. A personalized dashboard shows recent activities, reports, and savings.

ECRI offers other services to assure healthcare leaders in their decision-making processes. Our experts will support the RFP process on a per-request basis—analyzing proposals and providing recommendations and guidance on the following:

  • Recommended Savings
  • Service Contract Analysis
  • Historical Pricing
  • Configuration Analysis
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Hazards & Recalls

Members have access to the industry’s largest product comparison database for healthcare capital medical and IT equipment. Member can view select criteria by manufacturer, price range, key features, where marketed, FDA clearance, and more. The resulting comparison report covers key features such as Principles of Operation, Reported Problems, and Purchase Considerations.

ECRI conducts unbiased medical device laboratory testing. Our rigorous, independent evaluations with comparative configurations on the latest healthcare technologies give members the intelligence to make confident decisions. We evaluate a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies—including imaging devices, monitoring systems, infusion equipment, respiratory equipment, and many others—and present our assessments in a comprehensive, easy-to-read format.

The data provided resulted in significant immediate savings while helping UK Healthcare to negotiate a long-term deal that will save over a million dollars toward the staged fit out of our replacement hospital project currently underway.
Byron GabbardDirector of Capital Planning and ForecastingUniversity of Kentucky Healthcare

Use this powerful tool to research recalls and alerts on potential purchases and existing inventory. In addition to capturing FDA and manufacturer information, ECRI provides exclusive product alert content based on our own laboratory testing. With these exclusive ECRI alerts, you stay ahead of potential hazards and issues, so you can take quick action to protect patient safety. ECRI also compiles alerts from our Problem Reporting Network where any hospital can report their issues. We investigate reported issues to find root causes and we share results with our members.

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