Value Analysis Workflow

Integrate pricing and utilization analytics, evidence-based assessments, and comparative product evaluations to reduce clinical spend and enhance patient outcomes

New technologies are everywhere—and that’s game-changing. But with all these new choices, it sometimes becomes difficult to discern whether you’re comparing “apples to apples.”

Optimize your workflow

Value Analysis Workflow empowers you to implement a systematic, transparent project management process—a seamless flow from product request to decision to retrospective analysis.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily and effectively retain forms and workflows
  • Adopt new sources of insights to support more effective and efficient decisions
  • Access items such as electronic project requests, interactive dashboards, and mobile phone notifications and voting features, are accessible to stakeholders anytime, anywhere.
Our previous paper process took 60 to 90 days to complete. With ECRI Value Analysis Workflow, our average turn-around time is 14 to 18 days.
Emily CinquegranaContract SpecialistHospital Sisters Health System

Improve complex purchase decision-making

ECRI Value Analysis Workflow makes your decision-making process simpler and more accurate. This powerful platform is evidence-based, applicable to many decision types, and provides flexibility for use across your categories of purchased items and your organization. You get better products, better pricing, and better outcomes for patients and bottom-line alike.

The evidence is in

The evidence-based clinical analysis you need to be confident in your decisions is embedded right into Value Analysis Workflow. Complex decision-making processes are simplified, streamlined, and easy-to-use.

Works with many decision types

Whether you’re part of the value analysis team, supply chain team, or another team, your work is critical. Value Analysis Workflow empowers you to make more effective multi-million-dollar decisions about things such as:

  • Physician preference items
  • Med-surg supplies
  • Capital equipment
  • Purchased services

Flexibility for use across categories of purchased items

Success in this endeavor requires many layers of preparation from teams who are often working together, but remotely in separate locations. They need to assess product features, calculate cost models, and compare clinical outcomes collaboratively. ECRI’s solution gives teams the features, data, and collaboration ability they need to be successful, whether colleagues are in a neighboring office or a neighboring country.

Value Analysis Workflow has three core elements to support your work:

  • Defined process for managing projects
  • Integrated clinical evidence analysis from ECRI
  • Powerful technology platform

Evidence-based analysis and evaluations

Objective, scientific review of new and emerging technologies are critical to effective decision support. Only ECRI delivers the high-caliber of evidence-based clinical analysis you require—and embeds those insights into our Value Analysis Workflow. Your decision-making process will benefit from:

  • The critical ability to make evidence-based decisions with qualitative analysis
  • ECRI’s quantitative knowledgebase of market data, product features, safety guidance, and specifications for supplies, capital equipment and information technology
  • Improved physician and clinician engagement
  • Access to clinical trials evidence which improves physicians-clinicians consensus

ECRI conducts unbiased, in-house medical device laboratory testing. Our rigorous, independent evaluations with comparative configurations of the latest healthcare technologies give you the intelligence to make confident decisions.

ECRI’s workflow and analytical tools have earned high praise from users for their excellence, integrity and versatility.
Otar SarishviliDirector, Value AnalysisParkland Health & Hospital System

Automate decision support and project management

ECRI Value Analysis Workflow is the ideal project management tool to help hospital committees such as capital equipment, surgical services, and others implement an automated, transparent process. Our proven workflow engine, with retrospective analysis, validates your process and confirms results.
Resources that are critical for making complex purchasing decisions are integrated into ECRI’s transparent, streamlined platform. These resources include:

  • Laboratory evaluation results
  • Market trends
  • Pricing benchmark analyses
  • Safety alerts
  • Evidence-based clinical analysis
  • Scientifically developed functional equivalents mapping

With ready access to these insights, your value analysis and supply chain teams are empowered with knowledge and assurance to make better decisions and support better outcomes.

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