Value Analysis Workflow

Improve new product and standardization decisions with a workflow solution that connects users to best-in-class intelligence and clinical evidence content

New health technologies are introduced daily. As a Value Analysis and Supply Chain decision maker, you can better connect with physicians and clinical leaders to determine the safest and most cost-effective products for your health system.

ECRI’s transparent value analysis management strengthens collaboration and ensures confident, data-driven decisions

Evaluating new product and technology requests often can be complex. Disjointed review processes, communication barriers, and lack of trustworthy information are common challenges when trying to balance supply chain and clinical alignment goals.

ECRI Value Analysis Workflow helps bridge these gaps and simplifies the decision-making process by connecting the right components in a centralized and powerful platform. The result? Better communication with key stakeholders and a more organized and streamlined process—starting from product request, to decision, to retrospective analysis stages.

To achieve better management of your value analysis process and greater visibility, ECRI empowers you to leverage three core elements to guide your work:

Multiple decision types

The all-in-one decision support platform is evidence-based, applicable to many decision types, and provides flexibility for use across your categories of purchased items and your organization. Choose to run single request types or gain the enhanced ability to run multiple requests. The result is better management of specialized requests such as capital equipment, which typically accounts for 15 percent of all new product requests evaluated. Ultimately, this allows health systems to make more effective multi-million-dollar decisions for:

  • Physician preference items, med-surg supplies, or capital equipment
  • Standardization requests
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) requests
  • Specialized capital workflow requests

Optimized best-practice workflows

Experience best practice workflows for new request types and product standardization influenced by current member optimization success.

Adopt ECRI best-practice workflows and effectively utilize configurable forms along with access to new sources of insights to support more confident, evidence-based decisions. Access to interactive communication features such as electronic project requests, shared dashboards, mobile phone notifications and on-line voting, helps to increase your team’s efficiency, collaboration, and decision speed.

Industry-leading clinical evidence and intelligence data

Resources that are critical for making complex purchasing decisions are integrated into ECRI’s best-practice workflow platform, enabling greater use of key ECRI membership services and content sources, so everything you need is in one place.

Easily connect to a comprehensive solution that offers a big picture view—only available with ECRI.

With access to combined clinical evidence, supply and capital pricing intelligence, and other data insights, your value analysis and supply chain teams are equipped with the knowledge and assurance they need to make better decisions, navigate supply challenges, and achieve cost, quality and outcome goals.

This tool really helps to bring a much clearer picture and an understanding of the function of value analysis, the benefit of value analysis to an organization, and then a level of accountability on both sides.
Large health system

Designed to scale–we grow when you grow

ECRI offers an ideal user experience that helps customers thrive right now. Built to scale and robust enough to support customers’ evolving growth needs, our solution was designed to support your team without over-complicating what you do or need to accomplish. Simply put, we grow when you are ready to advance your value analysis process and scale when the time is right. As a partner, we are here for you long term and our best practice workflows and knowledgeable support team will help advance your process so it becomes high performing.

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