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ECRI Institute Library of White Papers, Resources, and Other Perspectives

Welcome to ECRI Institute's library of technical and commercial white papers, reports, and other healthcare documents. New resources are currently being developed and will be available in the coming months. Please note that online registration may be required to access the documents listed below.

ECRI Institute’s Top 10 C-Suite Watch List

  • ECRI Institute's 2014 Top 10 Hospital C-Suite Watch List (download)
  • ECRI Institute's Top 10 C-Suite Watch List: Hospital Technology Issues for 2013 (download)
  • ECRI Institute’s Top 10 C-Suite Watch List: Hospital Technology Issues For 2012 (download)
  • Top 10 Hospital Technology Issues: C-Suite Watch List for 2009 and Beyond (download)

Top 10 Health Technology Hazards Lists from Health Devices

 Market Analytics Reports

  • Hybrid Operating Rooms, with a Focus on Endovascular Hybrid ORs (download)
  • CT Scanning Systems: What Performance Level Makes Sense? Are You Imaging Wisely? (download)
  • OR Integration: Many Requests. Overwhelming Options. Fuzzy ROI. Limited Resources--a Challenge for the Hospital C-Suite (download)

White Papers

  • Crossing the Connectivity Chasm: Pinpointing Gaps in Readiness to Exchange Health Information (download)
  • The Future of Healthcare Design: Navigating the Challenges of Advancing Technology in Patient Care Settings (download)
  • I'm Going to Ignore Clinical Engineering Until . . . Not in My Hospital! (download)
  • A $1 MILLION Change Order and a 6-Week Delay (download)
  • Spending Scarce Resources on the Wrong Capital Budget Requests: Not in My Hospital! (download)
  • ECRI Institute's Vision for a National Patient Library: Testimony to Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness (download)
  • Health Plan Watch List: 2010 Top 7 Technologies (download)
  • Wasting Millions by Making Purchases Based Solely on Physician Preference: Not in My Hospital! (download)


  • 2014 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards List (download)
  • Prevent Patient Line Misconnections with TRACER (Trace, Read, Affix, Connect, Examine, Retrace) (download)

ECRI Institute Publications

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