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CrossCHEQ provides unbiased guidance on the functional equivalence of medical-surgical supplies and implants, helping you narrow product selections and negotiate greater savings. It is an add-on to PriceGuide™, our industry-leading price benchmarking service.   

CrossCHEQ takes you beyond the limited scope of products that purchasing organizations and distributors offer by covering the U.S. market's full range of products for key categories.

Watch how CrossCHEQ saves the day for a harried supply chain manager 

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Find Alternative Supplies Faster

Rely on CrossCHEQ to help you:

  • Find alternatives quickly for out-of-stock, discontinued, or recalled supply items
  • Save hours of staff time searching alternative products
  • Eliminate redundant supplies, especially during a merger or acquisition
  • Save money by standardizing on items and narrowing your field of suppliers

Rely on Dedicated CrossCHEQ Support

Our personalized professional staff are here to help when you need it. You can count on our multi-disciplinary team that understands your clinical and healthcare supply chain needs.

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 What you get with CrossCHEQ

CrossCHEQ integrates with PriceGuide™, our industry-leading price benchmarking service, making it easy to cross-reference competitive products and price benchmarks.

Identify suitable alternatives for the most important supply categories, including artificial heart valves, pacemakers, synthetic mesh, needleless connectors, disinfecting caps, and many more.

CrossCHEQ offers these three core elements to help inform and narrow your focus on supply chain product choices:

  • Product Comparisons. Get direct access to a searchable online database to quickly compare and identify functionally equivalent products within a category. Product attributes and key performance indicators are displayed for each item at the catalog number level.
  • PriceGuide Integration. View equivalent alternatives for products you buy. Suitable replacements are displayed as you view your own pricing and national price benchmarks in the PriceGuide database.
  • Unlimited Custom Analyses. Request on-demand analyses to identify alternate products not covered in existing product categories, especially when faced with out-of-stock, discontinued, and recall scenarios. Requests are limited to stand-alone medical-surgical supplies and implants and include the following types of reports:
    • ItemCHEQ–Individual item comparison including three to four alternatives
    • VendorCHEQ–Vendor comparison for functionally equivalent items
    • MarketCHEQ–Wider comparison of market alternatives within a product category