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​​​​Our custom, on-demand Hotline Service makes it easy for you to submit questions about new drugs, devices, or procedures, or issues related to their use—and get quick answers from our doctoral-level research analysts.

Get a Roadmap to the Clinical Literature

Each custom response, delivered in about ten business days, allows you to explore the clinical literature of a class of technology or intervention without analysis. Reports include a technology overview including claims about what it is purported to do, a summary of the literature based on our searches, and links to the key resources we've identified, including peer-reviewed literature, gray literature, studies, standards and guidelines, and FDA information.

Because Hotline Responses are based on a review of abstracts of published articles, we cannot comment on the reliability of study results or the methods the authors used to analyze their data. Completed Hotline Responses are added to our database.

This service is available as part of our Health Technology Assessment Information Service.

 Sample Custom Rapid Responses



Acupuncture for Treating Chronic Pain for Treating Chronic Pain6/8/2017 12:00:00 AM ​Chronic pain typically lasts for several months and can result from injury, disease, or nervous system dysfunction. Conventional treatments for chronic pain include outpatient use of medications, physical therapy, and nerve blocks. Acupuncture is an alternative approach to treating patients with chronic pain by inserting thin needles through the skin to stimulate nerves, muscle, and connective tissue to relieve pain, tension, and stress. Patients typically try acupuncture after conventional treatments have failed to relieve pain.