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This Permissions Agreement grants ECRI the perpetual, non-exclusive right to prepare derivative summaries (i.e., Guideline Briefs) of your organization's clinical practice guidelines (guidelines) and to display and distribute these summaries on the ECRI website.

Your organization agrees to grant ECRI the right to produce Guideline Briefs that include content from your clinical practice guidelines, for your organization's current and future guidelines that meet the ECRI Inclusion Criteria.

Your organization agrees to provide ECRI with an electronic unlocked full-text version of your organization's clinical practice guidelines.

Your organization represents and warrants that it is the author(s) of the guidelines, and/or that it possesses all rights necessary to grant the rights herein to ECRI. Your organization represents and warrants that the guidelines do not infringe upon any copyright, trademark or other proprietary right of any third party. Your organization also represents and warrants that by entering into this Agreement it is not violating any agreements with third parties.

ECRI agrees to provide attribution to your organization as the author/developer/owner(s) of such clinical practice guidelines.

ECRI agrees to inform users about standard terms governing downloading, use, and reproduction of clinical practice guidelines.


Content Review

Granting ECRI permission to prepare summaries of your organization's guidelines will NOT preclude your organization from reviewing ECRI-developed summaries. Your organization may choose to review summary content prior to it being posted on the ECRI website OR to forgo review of the summary content. ECRI's goal is to expediently post your organization's content so it is quickly disseminated to our global audience. Please indicate your preference below.


Contact Information


This Agreement shall be effective as of the date it is submitted, and shall remain in force unless terminated by either party by giving prior written notice to the other party of not less than sixty (60) calendar days. If this Agreement is terminated, ECRI shall be permitted to continue to use, and distribute, those guidelines that were provided hereunder up through the date of termination. ECRI will maintain this agreement on file and make it available to the guideline developer upon request. No fees shall be paid by ECRI to your organization in exchange for ECRI's use of the guidelines.

Any questions, please contact Lisa Haskell (