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HTAIS Custom Research Request

Custom HTAIS Members may use this form to submit a new custom research request on a particular healthcare technology. Custom request credits will be applied to the request using the guidelines below (under Terms and Conditions). ​


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Select a date from the calendar.
Requests are typically fulfilled in 15-25 business days. If the desired date is not available, please email us at or call 610-825-6000, ext. 5002.

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Terms and Conditions of Custom Requests

A new or updated Hotline Response will be used to fulfill your request to research a clinical issue or identify the clinical evidence available on a procedure or technology without regard to proprietary product-level information.
A new or updated Product Brief will be used to fulfill your request to research a single brand-name product. A request to research multiple brand name products will be treated as separate Product Brief research requests, and one request credit will be charged for each.
If a custom research request is so broad that it cannot be completed in 20 hours by ECRI Institute searchers and analysts, an additional Hotline credit will be assigned to the request.
An ECRI representative will contact you to confirm your request and establish the number of credits needed for fulfillment before your request is completed and delivered to you.