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​​Your best resource to benchmark, manage, and improve your medical equipment service activities. From failure rates to acquisition costs, BiomedicalBenchmark delivers the standards to help you benchmark your efficiency.

  • Find procedures for the inspection and preventive maintenance of medical equipment
  • Anticipate equipment life cycles to improve efficiency
  • Identify and evaluate options for equipment service
  • Compare staffing levels to those of other facilities
  • Determine if manufacturers' inspection frequencies can be lengthened

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 Benchmark, Manage, and Improve Equipment Services

​Key device and clinical engineering data, from both ECRI Institute and healthcare facilities, show you how your institution compares to others of similar size and circumstance—so you can easily identify areas in need of improvement and discover ways to optimize effectiveness.

BiomedicalBenchmark also offers:

  • Cybersecurity device best practices and IPM procedures
  • Consulting services to all BiomedicalBenchmark members
  • Typical IPM intervals and times for over 600 medical device categories
  • Maintenance repair records for more than 500,000 medical devices
  • Exclusive database of more than 5,000 discontinued devices
  • Inspection and preventive maintenance procedure templates for most of the medical equipment that you maintain
  • Service contract and acquisition costs on more than 600 categories of medical equipment