Types of Ultrasound Transducers

September 2, 2015 | Evaluations & Guidance


A variety of different transducers are used to acquire ultrasound data. Transducers vary in the method they use to collect information, making each one appropriate for certain specific applications. Learn about common types of transducers, how each type operates, what applications each type is used for, and how the resulting images look.

Linear images have the same field of view in the near field and far field. (The near field shows the part of the patient closest to the transducer; the far field shows the part of the patient farthest from the transducer.)

Often called flat linear-array transducers, these devices produce parallel sound beams in the x-y scan plane that are transmitted perpendicular to the transducer's scanning surface. A typical linear-array image has a rectangular shape. Higher-frequency transducers (above 7 MHz), usually with small...

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