COVID-19 Clinical Guidelines–General

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Infectious Diseases Society of America guidelines on the diagnosis of COVID-19: antigen testing. Version 1.0.0

Date: 2021 May 27
Developer: Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)

Guideline Focus
Use of antigen tests in both medical and non-medical settings for the diagnosis of COVID-19

Patient Population
Individuals with or at risk for COVID-19

Major Interventions

  • Role of nucleic acid amplification tests and rapid antigen tests in symptomatic individuals and asymptomatic individuals with risk for exposure

Clinical guidelines for the management of COVID-19 in Australasian emergency departments: version 5.0

Date: 2020 Dec 23
Developer: Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM)

Guideline Focus
Management of COVID-19 in Australasian emergency departments (EDs)

Patient Population
Patients accessing EDs during the COVID-19 pandemic

Major Interventions

  • Considerations for planning, ED support and layout, patient transport, and ED-ambulance interface
  • Role of assessment clinics and triage of patients
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE), including infection control and prevention
  • Treatment considerations, including respiratory (e.g., oxygen supplementation, non-invasive ventilation H4, mechanical ventilation), pharmacological, and experimental therapy
  • Use of imaging and clinical research
  • Management of cardiac arrest and trauma care
  • Considerations for special populations, including older persons, children, pregnant individuals, Indigenous communities
  • Palliative care, ethical decision making, and workplace wellbeing
  • Use of COVID-19 vaccine

Considerations for quarantine of contacts of COVID-19 cases: interim guidance

Date: 2021 Jun 25
Developer: World Health Organization (WHO)

Guideline Focus
Use of quarantine for contacts of individuals with confirmed or probable COVID-19 infection

Patient Population
Contacts of individuals with confirmed or probable SARS-CoV-2 infection

Major Interventions

  • Policy considerations surrounding quarantine implementation
  • Definition of contact
  • Quarantine duration, location, and ventilation considerations
  • Support during quarantine, including nutrition, provisions, childcare, occupational accommodation, infection control, and health monitoring

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