Genetic Test Assessment

Make more confident decisions on genetic and genomic tests and related precision medicine topics with data-driven guidance

With high volumes of precision medicine options available, it is challenging to determine which are backed by clinical evidence and which are backed only by hype.

Genetic Test Assessment is designed to guide utilization decisions on genetic and genomic tests and related topics (e.g., gene therapies). The curated database of the most clinically relevant tests provides regulatory and coverage status, insights on clinical validity and clinical utility data, and useful overviews on a wide range of tests. Our experts continuously monitor the rapidly expanding genetic test marketplace to help health systems develop test formularies and utilization management processes, to enable payers to quickly determine which tests to cover and which laboratories to use, and to show labs the competitive landscape for their tests.

ECRI’s Genetic Test Assessment allows you to feel confident about:

  1. How to sift marketing claims from sound evidence
  2. Which genetic tests may improve patient outcomes
  3. How clinical evidence affects a test’s utilization and reimbursement
  4. How the evidence on competing tests differs

Genetic Test Assessment helps you navigate the complex field of precision medicine. Health technology assessments provide the foundation for evidence-based decisions in medicine; however, the months-long timeframe traditionally associated with producing these reports delays the decision-making needs of stakeholders. ECRI has developed methods for quickly producing actionable rapid evidence assessments of a test’s clinical validity (the ability to accurately predict the presence or absence of a condition or predisposition to disease) and clinical utility (the usefulness of a test’s results to medical practice). Assessments also evaluate the safety and effectiveness of gene therapies, immunotherapies, and other precision medicine treatments. Rapid assessments enable timely dialogue on testing’s benefits and harms, while also highlighting nonevidentiary considerations, to help you make informed, unbiased, evidence-based decisions.

Features and services

A dynamic database with comprehensive test profiles

The Genetic Test Assessment platform is an interactive database that contains hundreds of clinical genetic test profiles and tools allowing users to compare multiple tests side by side.

Access key information, including test description and purpose, diseases and conditions targeted by each test, regulatory and lab certification status, coverage policies, coding, and genetic test labs’ information.

Evidence reports and customized support

See current clinical evidence assessments identifying which tests are and are not backed by clinical utility evidence. Reports feature ECRI’s signature Evidence Bar™ graphic, which provides a bottom-line rating of the evidence on how well each test works based on the available clinical validity and utility data.

Expert advice and consultation

Enjoy direct support from our genetic counselor and doctoral-level analysts in genetics and molecular biology, who are available to answer questions about tests’ clinical evidence. Receive the latest genetic test and health policy news, regulatory changes, alerts about new ECRI reports, and insights from our in-house genetic counselor.

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