Clinical Evidence Assessment

Get the best available evidence on medical devices, drugs, procedures, and care processes to accelerate your coverage policy decision-making

ECRI’s Clinical Evidence Assessment membership helps you accelerate coverage policy decisions on new and emerging medical devices, drugs, procedures, and care processes. Reports are developed by our independent, objective analysts who are highly trained in the GRADE-based evidence-rating system. Access thousands of existing reports or make custom research requests for new topics.

  • Use our visual decision-making tool, The Evidence Bar™, to understand the bottom line about the evidence and make your decision quickly
  • Understand how the evidence affects reimbursement and coverage decisions, and stay informed on the projected impact of the latest technologies
  • Rely on our scientifically rigorous expertise as one of only 13 Evidence-based Practice Centers in North America

Our evidence-based analyses help you answer questions such as:

  • Is this new drug, device, or procedure safe and effective enough to warrant coverage?
  • Is it as effective for patients as other available options?
  • What are the evidence gaps and will they be addressed in the future?
  • Which other payers cover this intervention?
  • What factors affect achieving optimal patient outcomes?
We’d be adrift on the ocean without ECRI; our jobs would be impossible.
Tamara Avery
Supervisor, Medical Review, Medical Management,
Community Care of Oklahoma

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