New York Times Advises Patients to Choose Uber or Lyft over Ambulances in Nonemergency Situations

October 3, 2018 | Strategic Insights for Health System


​Taking Uber or Lyft to the hospital is in many cases wiser than an ambulance, according to an October 1, 2018, article in the New York Times. Even short rides can be very expensive for patients, the article says, and the ride is often not covered by insurance. In many cases, the author says, the patient will be charged for services that he or she does not need. "Ambulances are for emergencies," states a researcher from Harvard Medical School, quoted in the article. "If you're not having an emergency, it's reasonable to consider another form of transportation." Estimates of inappropriate ambulance use vary, the author says, but most experts say the incidence is about 30%.

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