​GE—Various Discovery Nuclear Scanning Systems: A1 Electrical Panel May Not Be Properly Wired to the Partial System Uninterruptible Power Supply

May 30, 2018 | Strategic Insights for Health System


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In an Urgent Medical Device Correction letter submitted by an ECRI Institute member hospital, GE states that the above systems may have been installed with a GE-supplied A1 electrical panel that may not be properly wired to the partial system uninterruptible power supply (UPS). GE also states that when affected systems were installed, the main disconnect switch, emergency power off (EPO) button on the A1 panel, and remote EPO button(s) (outside of the A1 panel) may not have been wired correctly, potentially resulting in these not shutting off all power to the entire system as intended, resulting in a potential electric hazard. Power may still be applied by the partial UPS despite the user turning off the main disconnect switch, pressing the EPO button, and pressing remote EPO button(s) when the system is equipped with a partial UPS. Emergency stop (E-stop) switches, which are used to stop system motion and...

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