The Long Journey to the Patient Safety and Quality Pinnacle

October 1, 2014 | Health System Risk Management


​You've all been there before: after reviewing data and best practices, you try to institute changes to solve a problem that's plaguing your facility but you're met with opposition from all sides—physicians and staff are reluctant to make changes, administration questions the data, and everyone complains that there's not enough time or resources to fix the problem. Change is truly a Herculean task.

We asked HRCmembers about the barriers they most frequently encounter when trying to implement patient safety and quality initiatives, and 113 of you shared how the different barriers affect you. You also offered solutions, highlighting the ways in which each of you are working to create a safer healthcare environment at your facilities. The work that each of you do every day to chip away at this mountain of problems is impressive; it takes a lot of dedication to enact change, and as...

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