The Latest and Greatest Features for Premium CT

March 19, 2014 | Evaluations & Guidance


In the upper echelon of the CT market are scanners packed with the newest, most advanced technology available. We refer to these as "premium" systems. Most of the recent innovations in CT focus on improving image quality by making acquisition times as short as possible. The goal is to capture a true snapshot of the patient's anatomy—specifically, moving anatomy. This capability has paved the way for new features such as dynamic cardiac and cerebral imaging that are designed to widen CT's range of clinical applications. Another key focus is on features to improve workflow by integrating the scanner with peripheral systems such as IT systems and contrast injectors.

Manufacturers also continue their efforts to reduce and control x-ray radiation, which is associated with cancer. CT is the largest single contributor to radiation dose from a man-made source (NCRP report 160). While the magnitude of the cancer risk is uncertain, it is widely accepted that more could be done to control the dose. Over the last few years, all manufacturers have taken major steps in this direction. In most cases, the latest developments have first been introduced on premium systems.

The main drivers of CT technology advances are demand for:

— Dual-energy CT...

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