MR-Conditional Pumps: The Smarter Choice for Infusions in the MR Environment

July 29, 2015 | Evaluations & Guidance


In ECRI's opinion, the use of an MR-conditional infusion pump, with a dose error reduction system (DERS), is the preferred method of infusion therapy delivery during an MR scanning procedure as long as measures are taken to ensure the audibility of the pump alarms in the MR control room.

However, the alternative method—placing a standard (i.e., MR-unsafe) infusion pump in the control room and running a long extension set to the patient—is also acceptable if infusions during MR are infrequent, and provided that appropriate MR safety measures are taken to ensure that the pump will not accidentally be taken into the scan room.

Infusion therapy is sometimes required during an MR scanning procedure for sedation and/or for continuing other critical medications that cannot be interrupted. To avoid the risk of the pump becoming a projectile, which can result in significant patient/staff harm and significant...

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