Evaluation: TigerConnect TigerFlow Care Coordination Application

February 12, 2020 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • TigerFlow is an application that can operate on Android or iOS devices, a web portal for use on many other devices, and a desktop native application. It is primarily used by clinical staff to receive clinical alerts and communicate with each other. Main purposes of the system are to:
    • Enable secure texting. Users can embed images within text messages.
    • Initiate voice conversations. TigerFlow provides video messaging as well as voice.
    • Provide ancillary alarm notifications from the point of care. Translation software between the physiologic monitoring system and TigerFlow may be required.
    • Staff assignment scheduling is available with Dynamic Calendar, an extension of TigerConnect's Automated Personnel Management software, or via an interface to an external system.
  • TigerFlow major device components and software features
    • TigerFlow is a hosted service accessible through any Internet connection. It has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The server hardware is not owned by the healthcare facility.
    • TigerFlow includes:
      • TigerInsights Analytics—a web-based interface to analytics and reporting software to provide reporting to track and improve staff response to messages
      • Interfaces to external systems to obtain the following data:
        • Demographic data via HL7 admit/discharge/transfer (ADT)
        • Bedside alarms from physiologic monitoring systems
        • Alerts from nurse call systems
        • Some configurations may require a separate vendor to provide an interface engine to translate protocols. TigerConnect has provided a list of vendors it has partnered with to provide a direct interface; see items 3.a. through 3.x. , below.
      • The ability to match phone addresses to staff assigned to a particular role using proprietary software or data imported from other information systems like staff assignment systems
    • A client application is installed on mobile devices to provide a consistent user interface.
    • Note that as an alternative to TigerFlow, TigerConnect also offers a simpler package, TigerEssentials, which can also match phone addresses to staff assigned to a particular role but does not include TigerInsights Analytics or interfaces to external systems.
  • TigerConnect claims operation with the following vendors:
    • Private branch exchange (PBX) for telephony: Avaya, Cisco
    • Nurse call systems: None claimed
    • Ancillary alarm notification: Connexall
    • Medical device data integration: Bernoulli, Connexall
    • Communications devices: Android, iOS
    • Cell providers: All providers
    • Electronic medical record (EMR), orders: Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, GE, Meditech, McKesson, and NextGen EMRs; Cloverleaf and Rhapsody interface engines
    • Patient flow: None claimed
    • Hospitality: None claimed
    • Paging systems: Amtelco, Everbridge, PageGate, Spok, Startel
    • Overhead paging: None claimed
    • Display signs: None claimed
    • Real-time locating systems (RTLS): None claimed
    • Physiologic monitoring systems: Zoll
    • Assignment/scheduling applications: Adjuvant, Amion, Lightning Bolt, Open Tempo, QGenda, Spok
    • E-mail: Supports SMTP over TLS
    • Network management: Supports SMTP, WCTP, or REST API alerts from network monitoring systems
    • Building automation: Supports SMTP, WCTP, or REST API alerts from building automation systems
    • Fire alarm: Supports SMTP, WCTP, or REST API alerts from fire alarm systems
    • Security/access control: Supports SMTP, WCTP, or REST API alerts from security/access control systems
    • Call center/emergency management: Amtelco, Everbridge, and Spok; SMTP or WCTP protocols
    • Lab/radiology: None claimed
    • Patient engagement: None claimed
    • Fall...

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