Evaluation: Smith & Nephew Lens 4K Surgical Video System

December 31, 2020 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Lens 4K Surgical Imaging System is a Native 4K surgical video system that provides 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD; 3840 pixels/line × 2160 lines/frame × 60 frames/sec) surgical video images. ("Native 4K" video is acquired with a 4K three-CMOS complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor image sensor module, and the image is maintained in 4K format throughout the video chain.)
  • The Lens 4K offers three image-enhancement options:
    • The Enhancement feature increases contrast and sharpens the appearance of lines and edges.
    • The Chroma feature adjusts the color saturation of the image to meet the preferences of the surgeon and the needs of the procedure.
    • The Phase feature adjusts the R/G/B color temperature (hue). Smith & Nephew states that this is useful in general surgeries for adjusting color when viewing tissues and vessels.
  • Major system components:
    • Lens 4K camera control unit (CCU) with integrated LED light source
      • Allows control of power, white balance, and control menu
      • Integrated light source allows control of standby
      • Lamp lifetime of at least 20,000 hours
      • Captures images and video (only high-definition HD format is available as of December 2020)
      • Button interface
      • Dimensions (W × H × D): 35.6 × 11.7 × 39.4 cm (14 × 4.6 × 15.5 in)
    • iPad with Lens Tablet Application (optional)
      • Pairs with CCU to allow control of settings. Lens app also controls parameter settings of Werewolf Coblation and Dyonics II Power Resection devices, which were not part of this Evaluation.
      • Captures and stores surgeon profiles and procedure record, including patient ID, procedure type, and images and video (only HD format is available as of December 2020)
      • Touchscreen interface
      • Surgeons may pair iPads that have been individually assigned to them by their facility to enable easy access to procedure images and to facilitate postprocedure analysis. Although it is possible to pair iPads that are owned personally by surgeons, ECRI does not recommend this practice due to the risk of inadequate security protocols on personal devices. There is no limit to the number of iPads that may be configured to pair with the Lens 4K; however, only one iPad at a time may be used with the CCU to prevent conflicting controls from multiple operators.
    • Video display options: (1) 27-inch 4K Sony LCD monitor (8.9 kg 19.6 lb) (2) 31-inch 4K Sony LCD monitor (12.2 kg 26.8 lb) (3) 55-inch 4K Sony LCD monitor (35.2 kg 77.9 lb)
    • Lens 4K Camera Head
      • Acquires images through the endoscope and converts them to electrical signals
      • Camera controls: three programmable buttons with six functions, focus ring. Controls can navigate the CCU control menu.

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