Evaluation: Proventix Systems nGage Individual-Level Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System

April 25, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


The nGage hand hygiene compliance monitoring system (HHCMS) is a very good choice for an individual-level HHCMS. The system met our criteria for safety, maintenance, and user experience. It has several advantages in performance, workflow, and interoperability. nGage system sensors within manual dispensers were not fooled by common clinical user misuse, such as leaving badges on dispensers or under mattresses. For workflow, Proventix Systems proactively monitors nGage facilities, performs data analysis, and provides reports to users without added cost to a facility. Proventix Systems can customize the time period between patients within which a badged user must perform hand hygiene in order to be considered compliant with facility policy. For interoperability, the nGage system can be used with any model of automatic dispenser.

Overall rating

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