Evaluation: Proventix Systems nGage Individual-Level Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System

April 25, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The nGage system provides hand hygiene compliance rates at an individual, unit, group, or possibly facility level for clinicians that have worn system badges and used monitored dispensers within a care area during a specified time (e.g., hour, day, week, or month).
    • Hand hygiene compliance rates are calculated as the number of hand hygiene events divided by the number of hand hygiene opportunities.
    • Hand hygiene events are assessed using manual (i.e., any dispenser that has a mechanism by which a measured amount of product is dispensed) or automatic hand soap or alcohol sanitizer dispensers with integrated sensors. The sensors detect when a badged user activates the dispenser and transmit that information through the nGage network.
    • Hand hygiene opportunities are assessed by communication units near and within patient care areas. Communication units are located near monitored manual and automatic dispensers. The units detect when a badged user is near the communication unit and records an opportunity for the user to perform hand hygiene.
    • The nGage system can be configured to monitor single-patient rooms.
  • Major device components and software features:
    • Power Distribution Panels (PDPs) that provide DC voltage to automatic dispensers and communication units within patient care areas.
      • Proventix implementation services provide a floor plan to client facilities with the locations of required PDPs.
      • PDPs are installed by certified electricians prior to nGage system installation.
    • Pseudobatteries in automatic dispensers that supply the appropriate voltage to the dispensers (i.e., they replace dispenser batteries) and dispenser sensors.

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