Evaluation: Hill-Rom Centrella Smart+ Bed for Medical/Surgical Units

December 28, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The device is a fully motorized electric bed that allows patients and staff to adjust bed height and surface contours.
  • Major device components and software features:
    • Bed frame
      • The bed is rated to support a patient weight of 227 kg (500 lb) with a safe working load of 295 kg (650 lb).
      • The open platform deck in its non-extended position can hold a standard 89 cm (35 in) wide by 203 cm (80 in) long patient mattress or therapeutic support surface. Additionally, with the built-in automatic foot extender, the deck can hold mattresses or support surfaces from 193 cm (76 in) to 224 cm (88 in) long.
      • The deck is divided into four segments that allow the bed to be adjusted to the following positions: Fowler, semi-Fowler, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, chair, and vascular foot.
      • Electric (DC power) actuators adjust the bed's height and surface contours.
      • A removable headboard and footboard facilitate access to the patient for certain procedures.
      • Four movable and latchable siderails facilitate patient ingress and egress and protect patients from falls.
    • Braking and steering system
      • The centralized braking system can be activated from any of the footpedals located on each corner of the bed.
      • Each pedal can engage the brake or place the casters in a neutral or steering position.
    • Patient controls
      • The patient controls are mounted on the inside of each head siderail and on a pendant.
      • Patient controls on the siderails allow the patient to adjust the head-of-bed angle and the height of the thigh section.
      • Patient controls on the pendant allow the patient to adjust the angle of the backrest section, the height of the thigh section, and the height of the foot section, as well as adjust the comfort of these sections from soft to firm while staying within therapeutic range. Controls also include one-button stand assist, an active nurse call button that is only visible when the bed is connected to nurse call, and controls for room lights and TV.
    • Caregiver controls
      • Caregiver controls are located on the outside of each of the head siderails.
      • The caregiver control panels have controls to adjust the height of the bed, the head of the bed, the height of the thigh section, the height of the foot section, Trendelenburg position, and reverse Trendelenburg position.
      • A flip-up touchscreen on the caregiver control panel has buttons for one-touch positioning for the cardiac chair and flat surface, as well as control of bed extension.
      • The touchscreen also controls the bed-exit alarm system, 30° head-of-bed limit, patient weight scale, integrated therapeutic surface (including enhanced turn assist), Foley position limit, and bed preferences.
      • Bed-motion lockout of the patient controls and caregiver controls can be set from the caregiver touchscreen.
    • Patient weight scale: The bed has an integrated scale that can measure from 0 lb to a maximum of 227 kg (500 lb) patient weight.

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