Evaluation: ConMed Linvatec 24k Arthroscopic Irrigation/Distention System

September 27, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The purpose of this AI/DS device is to distend and irrigate the joint space during arthroscopic procedures. The device can also be used (with different tubing) for laparoscopic procedures.
  • Major device components: a) Pump console
    • Approximate dimensions (H × W × D): 18 × 35.6 × 40.4 cm (7.1 × 14.0 × 15.9 in)
    • LCD display
    • Rotary peristaltic pump for infusing irrigation solution into the joint space
    • Rotary peristaltic pump for removing solution and debris from the joint space (optional use)
    • A footswitch and/or remote control for briefly increasing:
      • Pressure—typically for 1-2 min to promote hemostasis
      • Flow—to flush the joint space following ablation and shaver usage; frequently referred to as lavage

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