Evaluation: B. Braun Outlook 400ES Infusion Pump

August 11, 2015 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the B. Braun Outlook 400ES compares with the other products we've evaluated. ​​

Click the device names below to view our complete findings for each model. (Note that the presentation of our findings, including how we categorize our judgments, has been reformulated since some of these product Evaluations were published; this table reflects our updated approach.) Products are listed alphabetically by supplier. Lear​n about our five-star rating system. ​​

Models with Dose Error Reduction Systems (DERS)

B. Braun Infusomat Space

Last updated 7/2020

(with pump integration)

![](/components/HDJournal/PublishingImages/_3-star-icon. JPG) (without pump integration)



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