Evaluation: Arjo Sara Plus Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

August 14, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • Sit-to-stand patient lifts are used to transfer patients from one seated position to another. The lift raises the patient from a sitting to a standing position, and the patient remains in this standing position during the transfer. These lifts are designed to hoist and transfer patients safely to and from beds, chairs, wheelchairs, and toilets.
  • Major device components and software features:
    • Base: V-shaped base design that can be opened to lift a patient from a large chair or narrowed to move through a tight place. Four casters on the base allow the lift to move.
    • Mast: Connects the base to the boom/lift arm and supports the lifting mechanism
    • Boom/lift arm: Connected to the mast and extends over the base to support the sling
    • Battery: A detachable battery stored behind the mast supplies power to the lift. The Sara Plus comes standard with two batteries and a charging station to promote 24-hour accessibility. To ensure that battery power is always available, Arjo recommends changing the battery once per shift (twice per day).

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