Evaluation: Canon Infinix-i Sky Angiography System for Interventional Radiology/Vascular Applications

February 1, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • Angiography systems use x-rays to allow visualization of the vasculature in order to aid in the assessment of potential conditions and to provide guidance during interventional procedures.
  • The Infinix-i angiography systems (available in biplane, floor-mounted, dual-plane and ceiling-mounted configurations) are designed to be a flexible option to address a spectrum of clinical needs. The ceiling-mounted component of the Infinix-i family, called the Sky, is intended for use in hybrid OR, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, and neuroradiology applications.
  • The Infinix-i Sky ceiling-mounted system is not indicated for any supplementary uses.
  • Major device components and software features
    • X-ray generator: The system uses a 100 kW high-frequency XTP-8100XG generator.
    • Detector: The Infinix-i systems offer three different detector sizes (12 × 16 inch, 12 × 12 inch, and 8 × 8 inch). For vascular applications, the 12 × 16-inch size is used. All are 16-bit detectors that produce a digital image.
      • Magnification is available on the 12 × 16-inch detector that allows additional input sizes of 12 × 12 inches, 8 × 8 inches, and 6 × 6 inches.
      • Utilizing zoom levels can also allow the smaller 4.3 × 4.3-inch and 3.3 × 3.3-inch input sizes.
    • X-ray tube: The DSRX-T7345GFS is a water-cooled x-ray tube featuring three focal spot sizes.
      • Focal spots are automatically selected based on the application and power settings.
      • The collimator is rotatable, with square blades and two filter options (heart-shaped and straight).
      • Beam filtration has four different levels and is selected automatically.
    • C-arm: The C-arm houses the x-ray tube and detector and is mounted to a stand.
      • It also includes a grid that can be removed if unneeded (when imaging pediatric patients).
      • The detector is rotatable and can be moved toward or away from the patient using switches on its side.
      • The detector also has a sensor around it such that if the detector touches the patient, it will move back and alarm.
    • Stand: The ceiling-mounted stand for the Infinix-i is capable of rotation and both longitudinal and lateral movement, allowing the C-arm to reach more of the patient. For single-plane configurations, the Infinix-i is available as a ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted system.
    • Patient table: The Infinix-i Sky has three table options:
      • Standard table (CAT-850B/C1)—longitudinal and lateral movement, adjustable height, rotatable, stepping.
      • Tilting table (CAT-880B)—longitudinal and lateral movement, adjustable height, rotatable, stepping, longitudinal and lateral tilt.
      • Maquet table integration—The Infinix-i Sky ceiling-mounted system can be integrated with the Maquet Magnus 1180 surgical table. The table is not included with this option; it must be purchased directly from Maquet.
    • Image display: The manufacturer does not include displays as part of the standard system configuration. However, customers must select from the provided display options for the system itself, the control room, and the exam room.
      • System: Customers must choose between a color LCD monitor and the Monitor Integration System package, which integrates the workstations and up to eight channels into a 27-inch monitor.
      • Control room: Customers must select a 19-inch color LCD monitor or a 30-inch interventional dashboard (single or dual options available).
      • Exam room: Customers have five different options, which range from two color LCD monitors up to a 58-inch LCD display. Each option also includes the suspension for mounting the display.
    • Exam room user interface: From within the exam room, there is a tableside console and graphical user interface on the reference monitor.
    • Control room user interface: Users can control the system via a graphical user interface through the main console, a mouse, and a keyboard.
    • Workstation: See the list of optional device components and software features, below.
    • Operating modes: The following operating modes are standard with the Infinix-i Sky: (1) Fluoroscopy: Pulsed fluoroscopy rates range from 1 to 30 pulses per second (p/sec).

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