Evaluation: Smiths Medical CADD-Solis Epidural Patient-Controlled Epidural Analgesic Infusion Pump

April 5, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


The Smiths Medical CADD-Solis patient-controlled epidural analgesic (PCEA) infusion pump is a very good choice for most facilities. It offers a programmable intermittent bolus (PIB) feature, which may aid in epidural therapy administration; however, it does not provide wireless functionality for drug library updates, log analysis, and pump integration.


  1. The CADD-Solis is a PCEA infusion pump. PCEA pumps allow patients to self-administer doses of pain-relieving medication within the limits prescribed by a physician. Patients can activate the delivery of solutions by pressing a pendant button on a cord connected to the pump or a button directly on the pump. This device is used for epidural infusion therapies.

  2. The pump is normally connected to an IV pole with a clamp;...

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