Evaluation: Intuitive Surgical’s Integrated Table Motion for the da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot Used with the Trumpf Medical TruSystem 7000dV Surgical Table

December 14, 2016 | Evaluations & Guidance


The Integrated Table Motion system for the da Vinci Xi is a good choice for robotic surgery applications that involve multiple surgical quadrants and require patient repositioning during the procedure. The system effectively coordinates movement of the surgical robot with adjustments in table position. Port following allows the instrument arms and boom of the surgical robot to follow movement of the table. The endoscope and instruments actively rotate to provide a consistent orientation of the field of view, allowing the surgeon to maintain control of the instruments during table motion.

The system met all of our requirements for performance, workflow, and interoperability. We found disadvantages in safety regarding the ability to move instruments offscreen during table motion, inconsistent locking of table feet, and lack of an obvious emergency stop for the bedside surgical team. We also found a potential maintenance issue regarding the separation of services of the surgical robot and operating table.

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  1. Integrated Table Motion is a system that links control of the TruSystem 7000dV operating table from Trumpf Medical with the da Vinci Xi surgical robot. By incorporating control of the surgical table into the controls of the surgical robot, this system enables repositioning of the table without the need to undock and redock the robot.

  2. There are no supplementary uses of the system.

  3. Major device...

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