A Look at the Iatric Accelero Connect Solution for EMR Integration

January 2, 2014 | Evaluations & Guidance


Our judgment. The Iatric Systems Accelero Connect solution may be considered for networked devices with data-caching capabilities. However, for devices that do not meet both of these criteria, including many older devices that are still in common use, two limitations need to be considered:

Supplier. Iatric Systems Inc. 458372, Boxford, MA (USA); +1 (978) 805-4100; www.iatric.com (Accent on Integration, the company that developed the Accelero Connect solution, was recently acquired by Iatric Systems.)

The Accelero Connect from Iatric Systems is a software-only solution that facilitates integration of medical devices with EMRs and other clinical information systems. It is registered with FDA as a medical device data system (MDDS). The solution does not provide any device alarm notification functionality. According to the vendor, the system is being used in 131 sites across North America to provide connectivity to networked medical devices. It can also be used with devices that are not networked if they have a serial or USB port, but this capability is not currently being utilized in any facilities.

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