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This free education resource site is intended to provide you with quick access to a range of resources on health information technology (IT) safety including general guidance, as well as more in-depth research on medical device connectivity and electronic health records.

​Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety

The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety, a private sector initiative, aims to develop an effective national framework for assuring patient safety in health IT through a collaborative multi-stakeholder effort. Convened by ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization (PSO), the Partnership leverages the work of multiple PSOs, along with providers, vendors, an expert advisory panel, and collaborating organizations to create a learning environment that mitigates risk and facilitates improvement. The Partnership has been actively working to improve safety regarding Health IT.

​Partnership Participants Help to Shape Health IT Safety Center Roadmap and Steps Forward

The ONC just released the “Health IT Safety Center Roadmap: Collaborate on Solutions, Informed by Evidence,” a plan that defines the Center’s focus, functions, governance, and value. The ONC contracted with RTI International to convene a task force of health IT safety experts, patient advocates, clinician users, health IT developers, healthcare organizations, and others relying upon their insights in crafting the Roadmap.

The task force identified many health IT safety-related activities for the national Center to support. Ronni Solomon, JD, executive vice president and general counsel, ECRI Institute, participated on the task force and steering committee. The Roadmap task force included several other members of the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety Expert Advisory Panel, including Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH, National Patient Safety Foundation; Dean F. Sittig, PhD, School of Biomedical Informatics, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX; Hardeep Singh, MD, MPH, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center; and Marilyn Neder Flack from AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Foundation), one of the Partnership’s Collaborating Organizations.

In their July 21 Health Affairs article, "The Health IT Safety Center Roadmap: What’s Next?", Dean Sittig and Hardeep Singh commented on the next steps forward saying, “Safe and effective implementation and use of health IT within a complex adaptive healthcare system is a monumental, sociotechnical challenge.” They noted also that it is important to have “trusted space where stakeholders [can] convene to review evidence and jointly develop solutions to critical health IT safety issues” echoing what was stressed by the task force. Sittig and Singh noted the work of the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety supported by the Jayne Koskinas Ted Giovanis Foundation (JKTG) for Health and Policy to be a “promising approach” that “should be adopted by others if successful.”

The report’s theme—“collaborate on solutions, informed by evidence”—captures the main focus of the proposed Center. The Partnership is achieving this through data collection, analysis, single-topic solution-focused workgroups, disseminating learnings and through regular meetings of the Partnership.

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​2016 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards

Infections from flexible endoscopes, missed alarms, and opioid-related deaths—these are just a few of the potential danger areas that loom large in hospitals and health systems today, as identified in our 2016 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards. Download the list.

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ECRI Leadership spoke in Free webinar: Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) and Health IT Safety

Ronni Solomon, ECRI Institute's executive vice president and general counsel, spoke at the fourth webinar of a 10-part series on health information technology (IT) and patient safety. The webinars covered a wide range of topics, research, and programs, all related to the objectives of using health IT to make care safer and safely use health IT, and there is no cost to listen to the webinars.

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