Make evidence-based healthcare supply chain decisions using Health Technology Assessment

In this video, we explore the powerful ways in which health technology assessment can be leveraged to make data-driven decisions in healthcare supply chain management and drive clinical engagement

Healthcare Supply Chain and Value Analysis Teams need unbiased data-driven decisions when introducing new products, reviewing new treatments or procedures, and assessing the use of existing technologies.

ECRI’s Clinical Evidence Assessment service provides expert evidence reviews that weigh outcomes, quality and cost to empower health systems with reliable information for their value analysis process.

Our doctoral-level research analysts (PhD & MD) save time by performing comprehensive literature searches from international databases in order to compile easy-to-read checkpoints summarizing findings into our Evidence Reports.

These reports include context on implementation of technology/services as well as knowns vs unknowns when there is limited available evidence; analyses such as systematic review also factor into these assessments.

Let us conduct this intensive research so your internal resources can focus on other initiatives!

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