Webinar | Genetic Counseling through Telemedicine: Bringing Evidence into the Equation

May 9, 2019


The rapid expansion of genetic test offerings, coupled with an increased emphasis on precision medicine, has increased demand for genetic counseling services. Despite this growing need, genetic counselors remain in limited supply and are even unavailable in some geographic regions. One option to circumvent issues caused by this shortage is the use of telecommunication technologies for genetic counseling services.

Using real-world examples, this webinar will examine the technology options currently available. ECRI’s genetic counselor will focus on the benefits, harms, and potential impacts on patient understanding, decision making, and outcomes related to each form of telecommunication. He will provide evidence supporting the use of telemedicine and identify any evidence gaps. The webinar will also address reimbursement trends and whether the move to expand coverage for telehealth services will affect genetic counseling services.

Learning Objectives
After this event, participants will be able to:
1. Discuss the purpose of pre- and post-test genetic counseling
2. Compare telegenetic counseling delivery modalities and the pros and cons of each
3. Apply the evidence regarding the effectiveness of genetic counseling through telemedicine
4. Summarize the reimbursement trends for genetic and telegenetic counseling services

Who Should Attend
Providers, payers, laboratories performing genetic testing, and other key stakeholders

Agenda & Speakers

Matthew Share, MS, LCGC

Genetic Counselor, Technology Assessment

Matthew Share, MS, LCGC, is a board-certified and licensed genetic counselor who previously worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper in New Jersey. Matt draws from his experience as a clinical genetic counselor to help continue to grow ECRIgene.