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The ECRI Institute PSO—Patient Safety Organization—is a component of ECRI Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care. Our PSO mission is to achieve the highest levels of safety and quality in healthcare by collecting and analyzing patient safety information and sharing lessons learned and best practices. Our goal is to be recognized as a world class, highly trusted independent, non-profit organization providing objective, reliable patient safety information and analysis.

Our strategy for achieving our mission includes collecting patient safety work product from a multitude of organizations; disseminating patient safety resources through our Patient Safety Organization membership programs and through collaborative relationships with other PSOs; conducting investigations and studies that identify, develop, and verify evidence about the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness; translating event data into CME/CE e-learning opportunities and educating providers to adopt, adapt and implement the best evidence into practice that results in enhanced patient safety.

The ECRI Institute PSO is national in scope, addressing all types of events, specialties, and healthcare settings. As such, we have access to patient safety information from many facilities in many regions and, thus, we are in a position to transfer knowledge widely among all members. 

The ECRI Institute PSO uses a Web-based patient safety reporting system to capture patient safety data in a standardized manner compatible with AHRQ’s common data formats, NQF events, and CMS hospital-acquired conditions. This reporting system is designed to capture both near-misses and serious adverse events. In addition to event data, PSO members are invited to submit root cause analyses and proactive systems analyzes and other quality studies to ECRI Institute PSO for expert analysis, evaluation, and feedback. 

Our data collection capability is coupled with a deep analytic capability and a learning network focused on disseminating lessons learned and actionable solutions gleaned from decades of study and experience. To assist Patient Safety Organization participants in spreading lessons learned throughout the facility, ECRI Institute PSO includes Patient Safety Advisories and Patient Safety Alerts, Guidance for Patient Safety (GPS) Toolkits featuring hands-on interactive resources for management and frontline staff, patient safety assessments, continuing education, publications, serious events library, and other resources.