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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Buy Smart. Buy Safe.

Get to the right purchasing decision faster with SELECTplus®, our proven suite of capital technology decision-making tools and personalized services to help you achieve immediate cost savings across your entire supply chain. SELECTplus helps hospitals and health systems save billions annually without compromising patient care.

Thousands of healthcare organizations make SELECTplus an integral part of their supply chain workflow, supporting purchasing decisions with: 

  • Fast, accurate price benchmarks on capital and health information technologies
  • Market intelligence and analytics to let you track, trend, and compare technologies, manufacturers, and models, all in one mobile, interactive platform
  • Independent product evaluations, comparisons, and guidance
  • Health device safety alerts and recall information
  • Unlimited consultations with over 450 subject matter experts

learn how you can drive down costs while driving up safety

Driving down costs. Driving up safety. Supply chain decision support solutions from ECRI Institute Length: 4:20.



Save Time. Save Money. Save Lives. SELECTplus.

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Not a Hospital?

Find comprehensive market intelligence and analytics on capital equipment and supplies.


 What you get as a member

​SELECTplus, our industry-leading advisory service for selecting capital equipment and health IT, offers a broad suite of services and tools to help you make safe, cost-effective decisions.

  • Rate This Model User ReviewsDo you have an opinion about a device or capital solution used at your facility? Are you interested in how your peers rate a particular technology? SELECTplus users can now easily rate models and view other user ratings directly within the Market Analytics tool.
  • S+ Market Analytics Tool and Capital Budget Builder─Live, on-demand access to member interest graphs and trends, popular models and manufacturers, pricing and discount trends, as well as configuration analyses.
    View average prices for items in your budget and build a clean, standardized capital equipment wish list online, or request a customized capital budget review from your SELECTplus analyst. 
  • Custom analyses and personalized consultations—SELECTplus analysts provide on-demand custom reports, considering your facility's individual needs before making recommendations
  • On-line databases and benchmarking services—With over 100,000 unique items in our capital equipment pricing database of average prices paid by hospitals and health systems, you can feel confident negotiating with suppliers

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