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Navigating the complex universeECRI Institute's ECRIgene of genetic and genomic tests can make you feel like you're "lost in space." It's crowded, but which tests are the stars? With so many to choose from, you need an accurate map of the tests that meet your needs. ECRIgene™ is your evidence-based solution.

Bringing Order to Chaos

ECRI Institute's ECRIgene service helps you plot your course to focus on the most clinically relevant genetic, genomic, and proteomic tests today.

The service provides unbiased, evidence-based tools through its database of genetic and proteomic test profiles, plus evidence reports from our highly trained doctoral-level analysts. Health systems, clinicians, and payers can get answers to questions such as: 

  • What is the intended use of this genetic test?
  • What is the regulatory status of the test?
  • What are the clinical indications for using it?
  • Does more than one lab offer the test, and how do the "same" tests differ among labs?
  • Which tests have conclusive clinical validity and clinical utility evidence?
  • Does one lab’s test have more evidence than another test for the same indication?
  • Do clinical guidelines recommend using the test?
  • Which tests do major payers cover?

Your Genetic Test Control Center

Our experts constantly monitor activities in the rapidly expanding genetic, genomic, and proteomic testing universe and carefully analyze the evidence so that you can set your best course, whether you're a health system developing a test formulary or utilization management process, or whether you're deciding which tests to cover and which labs to contract with.

Chart Your Course

Learn how ECRIgene can help you bring order to the chaos of genetic, genomic, and proteomic testing. Contact us now at (610) 825-6000, ext. 5181 or

​Some genetic and genomic tests are worth it. Some are not. See the difference with ECRIgene. 

With an interactive database, evidence reports, and evidence consultations, ECRIgene pilots you to the key information you need to confidently make decisions, including:

  • Compare up to four tests side by side based on more than 25 test features
  • Test description and purpose
  • Gene(s) and proteins comprising each test or multigene panel
  • Diseases and conditions targeted by the test
  • Regulatory and lab certification and accreditation status
  • U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and private payer coverage policy charts
  • FDA clearance and approvals
  • CPT® and Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System™ codes
  • Directory of genetic test labs with key contact information
  • ECRIgene evidence reports that cut through the hype and identify evidence gaps and feature The Evidence Bar™, weighing evidence in light of potential benefits and harms
  • News briefs on important developments in the field
  • Quick evidence consultations with our expert staff

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

 Sample Genetic Test Reports

Stool DNA–based Screening Test (Cologuard) for Detecting DNA and Hemoglobin Biomarkers Associated with Colorectal Cancer and Precancer

Evidence Report Excerpt - Cologuard® (Exact Sciences, Madison, WI, USA) is a multitarget stool DNA–based colorectal cancer (CRC) screening test for patients age 50 years or older who are at average risk for CRC. To undergo testing with Cologuard, a patient receives a prescription from a primary care provider, collects a stool sample at home, and ships the sample to the manufacturer for analysis.