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Navigating the complex universeECRI Institute's ECRIgene of genetic/genomic tests can make you feel like you're "lost in space." With so many ways to go astray, you need to chart an appropriate course so you can see which tests matter and which don't, and which ones have benefits and which ones could lead to patient harm.

Bringing Order to Chaos

ECRI Institute's ECRIgene service brings order to this chaotic universe by helping you make timely decisions with high confidence using trusted, unbiased, evidence-based information.

As your portal to information on the most clinically relevant, complex, and controversial genetic/genomic tests available today, ECRIgene provides lightning-fast access to resources and reports developed by our doctoral-level experts in molecular and cell biology help you answer questions such as:

  • Which tests show value with robust clinical utility evidence?
  • Which payers cover the test?
  • Which labs offer the test?

Your Genetic Test Control Center

Think of ECRIgene as your genetic/genomic test control center with experts constantly monitoring activities in this rapidly evolving universe. Our  analysts, nurses, clinicians, and medical librarians research, analyze, and synthesize the key features and evidence on each relevant test using the GRADE-based evidence-rating system. These experts are dedicated to researching your custom requests and answering your specific questions.

Chart Your Course

Learn how ECRIgene can help you bring order to the chaos of genetic/genomic testing. Contact us now at (610) 825-6000, ext. 5181 or

Some Genetic/Genomic Tests Are Worth It. Some Are Not. Learn the Difference.

With an interactive database, evidence reports, and evidence consultations, ECRIgene™ pilots you to the key information you need to confidently make decisions, including:

  • Test description and purpose
  • Gene(s) and proteins comprising each test or multigene panel
  • Diseases and conditions targeted by the test
  • Regulatory and lab lab certification status
  • U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and private payer coverage policy charts
  • FDA clearance and approvals
  • CPT® and Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System™ codes
  • Directory of genetic test labs with key contact information
  • ECRIgene evidence reports that cut through the hype and identify evidence gaps
  • News briefs on important developments in the field
  • Quick evidence consultations with our expert staff

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