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​​​​​Stronger. Smarter. Safer.

The faster you respond to a product safety alert or recall, the safer your patients are.
Alerts Tracker® helps you streamline your recall management process by automatically distributing alerts to the appropriate staff within your organization. 

Find Recalls Faster with Automatch for Equipment and Supplies

Our exclusive Automatch™ feature automatically identifies equipment models and supplies within your inventory that are impacted by an alert or recall, and notifies designated departments so they can address a potential safety risk much faster. 

Note: The Automatch feature is currently available for U.S. members only.



​LEARN MORE ABOUT Alerts Tracker with Automatch

ECRI Institute's Alerts Tracker team describes Automatch for Equipment, the newest enhancement to its automated recall management system. Length: 2:42.


Why One Member Chooses Alerts Tracker

Streamline your Recall Management System and Reduce Patient Risk

Whether you're a hospital, health system, integrated delivery network, physician practice or other healthcare provider, you can rely on Alerts Tracker's expert reporting and data management tools, ongoing personalized support, and guidance on developing best practices and policies, making your recall management process stronger and smarter, and your patients safer. 

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 What you get as a member

Alerts Tracker streamlines your recall management process by distributing exclusive, verified product safety data directly to appropriate staff throughout your healthcare organization, often ahead of FDA alerts, helping you cultivate a culture of safety.

  • Our exclusive Automatch feature automatically identifies products in your equipment or supply inventory affected by an alert or recall and notifies designated staff so they can address them faster​
  • Daily e-mail notifications about medical devices, blood products, food products, and pharmaceuticals are automatically distributed to your affected clinical and professional departments
  • More than 50 user categories makes Alerts Tracker highly configurable, so your process can be tailored to your unique needs
  • WorkGroups shared to-do list saves time and avoids duplication of effort in processing alerts, while our Attached Documents feature keeps all of your related documents organized within your system
  • With ongoing personalized support, we're with you at every step of your process, from implementation to providing guidance on developing policies and best practices

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