Webinar | Combating COVID-19 Together

Get the most out of your ECRI partnership to maximize your response to COVID-19

This webinar is design to assist healthcare professionals assess their preparedness in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, your trusted partnership with ECRI is an invaluable resource to help combat this global issue. Rest assured, your ECRI team is here and ready to help.

Learning objectives

  • Make smarter choices and find alternate sources for critical supplies like PPE with comparative pricing and functional equivalents
  • Get the best results out of your infection control technologies to protect patients, staff, and visitors
  • Ensure your policies and procedures are based on solid clinical evidence
  • Employ an enterprise risk management approach implementing safety initiatives for persons served, staff, and visitors


  • Tim Browne, Director, Supply Chain Services, ECRI
  • Jim Davis, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, HEM, CIC, FAPIC, Senior Infection Prevention & Patient Safety Analysts/Consultant, ECRI
  • Coyne Drummond, PhD, Research Analyst, ECRI
  • Jillian Hillman, PhD, Manager, HD/Engineering, ECRI
  • Victor Rose, MBA, NHA, FCPP, CPASRM, Director, Aging Services, Risk Management, ECRI
  • Erin Sparnon, MEng, Senior Engineer Manager, HD/Engineering, ECRI

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