Medical Equipment Planning, Procurement, and Implementation

Avoid costly technology mistakes when building or renovating with planning support from our unbiased engineers and project managers

Health systems are rethinking facility design, workflow, and use of space as care continues to move into the community. Architects, construction managers, and facility planners need the guidance of medical equipment planners (MEP) to efficiently and effectively, and at the lowest cost, address the most pressing market demands which involve four top priorities:

  • Adapt acute care hospitals for flexible use of space
  • Expand ambulatory services
  • Integrate telehealth and digital medicine
  • Improve the patient experience

Medical equipment planning

Traditional MEP companies, who base their services on vendor recommendations and out-sourced expertise, are finding it challenging to accurately advise on medical equipment pricing trends and evolving patient care issues that affect your bottom line.

Only ECRI can minimize your total cost of ownership and deliver projects right, the first time.

ECRI’s unique advantage in MEP services includes bringing unbiased, evidence-based, clinical expertise to your projects. ECRI draws from our extensive knowledge base of clinical experts in infection prevention strategies, medical equipment testing, and clinical evidence assessments, along with capital equipment pricing trends based on current quotes from more than 5,000 hospitals. ECRI will bring your project in on-time and within budget, all while empowering you to select state-of-the-art and future-proofed equipment.

  • We leverage in-house expertise. From Capital Equipment advisory services, to Infection Prevention to Horizon Scanning for new technologies and procedures, ECRI's MEP team ensures a 360-degree view into minimizing your total cost of ownership.
  • Unlike other equipment planning organizations, ECRI is the only independent test lab in North America that actually evaluates capital medical equipment and can provide unbiased clinical guidance, meaning we can offer recommended specifications based on intended clinical use.
  • Equipment planning and recommendations are based on the rigor of being one of only nine Evidence-based Practice Centers in the U.S., which enables the team to customize and future-proof solutions to meet our client needs.

The depth and breadth of ECRI MEP services are unrivaled in the marketplace. We bring up-to-date information and real-time guidance to architects and facility planners to help make the best decisions for your project.

Project planning and procurement at its best

To minimize capital expenditures for medical equipment and devices, we start by evaluating your design, analyzing clinical and architectural needs, and reviewing current and future equipment requirements. Following, we can actively support you through the procurement process with unbiased, transparent, and evidence-based expertise at every stage of the process. By leveraging ECRI expertise, the MEP team enables you to:

  • Create more accurate budgets powered by the recognized gold standard of capital equipment and IT infrastructure advisory services. ECRI analyzes current market-data of more than $7 billion in spend across 3,500 vendors enabling your budgets to be based on current trends.
  • Develop Lifecycle Planning based on product evaluation expertise to give you the assurance needed when selecting multi-million dollar equipment.
  • Design evidence-based workflows leveraging more than 3.5 million analyzed patient safety events. Our infection prevention and patient safety expertise will guide you to optimal patient and frontline staff safety.
  • Drive clinical and facility stakeholders project meetings to drive results based on unbiased clinical evidence assessments.
  • Effectively generate and easily compare RFPs utilizing ECRI’s equipment sourcing platforms. Clinicians can easily evaluate product feature trade-offs relating total cost of ownership, including service agreements.
  • Negotiate best-in-class pricing armed with the latest price trends based on real time quotes from more than 5,000 hospitals.

ECRI has leveraged, and will continue to leverage, our vast expertise in healthcare projects ranging from: ambulatory surgery centers, advanced orthopedic care facilities, cardiovascular services, and diagnostic imaging, to some of the most advanced health system in the world. We will continue to build on that knowledge for your project.

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