Infection Prevention and Control

Proactive evaluations, investigations, and plan development to be prepared for the next outbreak and to reduce infection dangers

Infections can cause patients serious illness, or even death; yet half of all healthcare acquired infections (HAI) are preventable. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing healthcare challenges further highlighted the essential need for comprehensive and proactive infection prevention and control measures to ensure the safe care of patients and to protect healthcare staff in acute care, ambulatory surgery centers, and aging services.

Worldwide, the annual number of HAIs climbs to hundreds of millions of patients. HAIs are now the most frequent adverse events in healthcare delivery, costing an estimated $9.8 billion annually, leaving lives, your organization’s bottom line, and its reputation, at risk.

With much at stake, ECRI Infection Prevention and Control services can help you create a cultural shift that drives real change in thought, actions, and outcomes, and ensure that you are prepared when disaster strikes.

Outbreak preparedness

Assess your organization’s level of preparedness for the next infectious outbreak, including COVID-19, influenza, measles, and Ebola, before an issue occurs. ECRI provides consulting and self-assessment tools to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. By collecting perspectives from clinical and non-clinical staff, physicians, and leaders, we are able to evaluate the degree of preparedness for infectious and communicable outbreaks. We analyze collected data and develop robust outbreak preparedness plans based on the latest standards, recommendations, and guidelines, and generate reports and recommendations to facilitate improvement.

Evaluation and investigation

ECRI Infection Prevention and Control services partners with you to identify vulnerabilities, establish or enhance best practices, and leverage technology intelligently across all care settings. Your ECRI consultants will analyze your organization’s culture, infrastructure, practices, systems, and technology to identify gaps that leave you at risk.

Our consulting helps you respond to a multitude of issues related to infection control and prevention and proactively take action to mitigate infection risk. Our certified Infection Preventionists conduct on-site or virtual consultations. Our staff of medical device engineers, epidemiologists, architects, accident and forensics specialists, and clinicians review findings and provide additional recommendations, and if needed, we will also respond on-site or virtually.

Plan development

While infection prevention is a top priority for ambulatory surgery centers and aging service facilities, resources and expertise may be limited. With ECRI’s Infection Prevention and Control service, you can access the breadth of knowledge to create, validate, and streamline your infection prevention plans based on your facilities unique needs and challenges. Our multidisciplinary team will evaluate your current plans, create new ones, implement action plans, and education your staff about how to avoid infections and outbreaks in the future.


ECRI’s Infection Prevention and Control services provide trusted guidance in known areas of infection prevention and control to protect your patients, residents, staff, and visitors, and to minimize the risk of potential harm. These services bring together unparalleled resources and decades of experience in infection prevention, patient safety, accident investigation, and device evaluation.

ECRI uses research-driven strategies and action-oriented plans to help you improve patient safety through infection reduction and mitigation. We tailor our consulting services to address your organization’s specific issues, identify opportunities to reduce your infection risk, and provide guidance and ongoing support that enables you to make meaningful improvements quickly.

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