Infection Prevention

Proactive evaluations and investigation to reduce the incidence of infections

Infections can cause patients serious illness, or even death; yet half of all healthcare acquired infections (HAI) are preventable. That fact is simply unacceptable, especially to healthcare professionals and Infection Preventionists, who already work diligently to protect patients.

In one year alone, the US experienced an estimated 687,000 HAIs in acute care hospitals with 72,000 related patient deaths. Worldwide, the annual number of HAIs climbs to hundreds of millions of patients. HAIs are now the most frequent adverse events in health-care delivery, costing an estimated $9.8 billion annually, leaving lives, your organization’s bottom line, and its reputation, at risk.

With so much at stake, turn to ECRI Infection Prevention Consulting Services—an unbiased, trustworthy, worldwide leader—to create a cultural shift that drives real change in thought, actions, and outcomes.

We analyze the challenge

Your ECRI consultants will analyze your organization’s culture, infrastructure, practices, systems, and technology.

ECRI’s consulting helps you respond to a multitude of issues related to infection control and prevention. Our certified Infection Preventionists conduct on-site or virtual consultations. Our staff of medical device engineers, epidemiologists, architects, accident and forensics specialists, and clinicians review findings and provide additional recommendations, and if needed will also respond on-site or virtually. Multiple experts at your fingertips providing solutions to knowledge and practice gaps, this is uniquely ECRI. Put the power of ECRI to work for you.

ECRI is fiercely independent and knowledge-driven. We use the best available evidence help you make risk-mitigating decisions. Also fiercely passionate about patient safety, ECRI’s passion energizes our work as we help you create a safer healthcare experience for all in your care.

ECRI Infection Prevention Consulting Services partners with you to identify vulnerabilities, establish or enhance best practices, and leverage technology intelligently across all care settings.

While many organizations have guidelines, standards, and processes in place to manage the dangers lurking in their own halls, support for these safeguards is often lacking. Clinicians, leaders and facility staff members are overloaded with demands, education and training may be lacking, and oversight or “checks” of processes may be nonexistent.

ECRI uses research-driven strategies and action-oriented plans to help you improve patient safety through infection reduction and mitigation. We tailor our consulting services to address your organization’s specific issues, identify opportunities to reduce your infection risk, and provide guidance and ongoing support that enables you to make meaningful improvements quickly.

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