Purchased Services

Optimize service contracts with spend analytics and subject-matter expertise

In healthcare, about one-third of supply chain spend is related to purchased services across hundreds of categories. In other words, supply chain faces the daunting task of being knowledgeable on purchased services that range from blood labs to valet parking and everything in between. Without solid, unbiased data about those services, it’s easy to overspend.

ECRI’s Service Guide advisory service offers a better way—empowering supply chain in acute-care hospitals with guidance and assurance throughout the process of contracting for services. Our tools and insights enable informed decisions to deliver the highest-quality patient care at the lowest possible cost in a sustainable manner.

Service Guide is a complete advisory service that combines powerful spend analytics with subject-matter expertise and a personalized approach. It helps eliminate the complexity of evaluating your contracts for outsourced services.

RFP development and analysis

ECRI experts take a hands-on approach—consulting with you at every step in the process. We provide guidance from developing RFPs with detailed service requirements and pricing forms to obtaining concise, objective, and comparable responses from vendors.

As part of RFP development and analysis, ECRI experts provide you with:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Project timeline
  • Fully customized RFP
  • RFP analysis

Contract/Proposal analysis and review

ECRI experts conduct a deep dive into your facility’s contract pricing and terms for detailed benchmarking and comparison to support negotiation planning. We review vendor contracts item by item, making comparisons based on common units of measure, contract terms, and service level. The resulting analysis highlights potential negotiable cost savings.

We also deliver personalized support through five key steps of the RFP process: Analyze, Plan, Decide, Negotiate, and Monitor Results. The tailored analysis provides specific recommendations for purchased services based on vendor responses to your facility's RFP. Our detailed reports recommend a specific vendor based on responses, hospital needs, service features, costs, and user experience.

Our facility will save $700,000 over the five-year contract… Thank you so much for the work you all did. The work made it possible to be where we are today.
ECRI Member

We deliver a snapshot of the market—including a summary of available services and key vendors. Easy-to-read tables summarize pricing information, trends, and member interest in the service. The report serves as a foundational document for purchasing managers who are considering a new purchased service or renewing an existing contract.

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