Health System Risk Management

Turn best practices into action plans with guidance and tools for the whole health system

In every hospital and health system, risk managers are the go-to resources for answers to a range of safety, quality, and compliance questions. These professionals face a constant onslaught of new information and new challenges. With limited resources, how can they continually assess their organization’s performance, stay informed on best practices and translate those practices into improvement plans, and ensure that policies and procedures stay current?

ECRI’s Health System Risk Management can help. Available as a standalone online membership or as part of a Patient Safety Organization membership, this service provides actionable tools, evidence-based guidance, and practical strategies to anyone involved in managing risk in hospital environments.

The power of shared knowledge

Online membership provides access to a wealth of tools and resources for patient safety, risk management, quality improvement, and compliance:

  • Plan risk management and quality improvement initiatives with ECRI’s detailed, actionable recommendations
  • Evaluate risk and safety processes with self-assessment questionnaires
  • Establish and update policies and procedures more quickly with customizable templates
  • Stay up-to-date on industry news, legal cases, regulatory updates, and device problem reports
  • Address tough challenges or get a question answered through unlimited phone or email consultation
  • Use continuing education and training tools to educate and engage staff
Hospital risk managers that don’t use ECRI are putting themselves at a distinct disadvantage. You are my first go-to resources for risk management evidence-based information.
Kenneth Felton, RN, MS, CPHRM, DFASHRMSenior Risk Management ConsultantWillis National Healthcare Practice

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