Comply with requirements in a Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA) and prevent termination of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) funding with onsite support

When your hospital is in Immediate Jeopardy, leaders want to know what actions to take to restore operations. Once your hospital receives a termination notice, we make sure your hospital can keep its doors open.

An immediate action plan is necessary to respond to a provider termination notice within the regulatory timeline specified in the Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA). For a serious reportable event, the expertise of a third-party consultant is often required to achieve compliance.

  • Benefit from our experience serving as a CMS preapproved Lead Independent Consultant
  • Receive a gap analysis on all Conditions of Participation (CoPs) to identify root causes and develop an action plan
  • Determine how human factors, medical equipment, or information technology may have contributed to a death, injury, or near miss and ensure that the corrective actions address the patient safety concerns of regulators
  • Ensure compliance with on-site monitoring until a successful validation survey

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