Clinical Evidence Assessment

Independent, unbiased expertise to support evidence-based coverage decisions on new, emerging, and existing medical devices, drugs, procedures, and care processes

Insight for critical business decisions

New technology, if effective, can bring improved clinical care, better bottom lines, and hope for millions of patients. ECRI’s Clinical Evidence Assessment service provides healthcare payers with the independent, evidence-based information they need to evaluate effectiveness and make sound, data-based decisions.

As new options hit the market, they create a need for review and synthesis of vast quantities of evidence-based information. Such volume can strain payer’s internal resources as they work to weigh outcomes and costs to support coverage decisions. Disruptions and challenges resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can tax resources even more.

Clinical Evidence Assessment membership can help. We provide:

  • Expert, objective evidence synthesis (ranging from emerging tech or those that are already the standard of care)
  • Insights and guidance to support coverage policy decision-making processes and value-based care initiatives
  • An expert team of doctoral-level research analysts (PhD and MD) and nurses who deliver comprehensive and reliable evidence
  • Transparency, integrity, and the industry’s most stringent conflict-of-interest policies

We identify the relevant evidence, and provide insights about clinical pathways and patient population nuances. We also help to frame key questions to ensure consideration of the patient-oriented outcomes critical to optimal coverage decisions. ECRI sets no limit on the number of users in a member organization, provides unlimited training, and gives healthcare payers access to our experts in evidence analysis. We also provide educational webinars on methods of health technology assessment, and hot topics on new healthcare technology and care processes.

In-depth evidence reports

ECRI’s in-depth Evidence Reports arm payers with comprehensive overviews of new and emerging medical treatments and procedures, as well as new uses for existing technologies. We develop each report through the evaluation of clinical studies and other sources that we identify through literature searches spanning numerous international databases. We then summarize findings in a list of easy-to-read checkpoints.

Our research staff employ a range of analyses—including systematic review, recalculation of published data, original statistical data analyses of published study results, and patient and clinical registries. When evidence is sparse, we offer a critical qualitative review of knowns and unknowns.

Custom research

All members receive full access to ECRI’s library of relevant research. These publications include searchable content on more than 2,000 topics on which we have published, with new and updated reports posted weekly.

For an added layer of tailored support, choose a membership level that includes custom research. These members can submit research requests to our research team and receive tailored reports on their specified topics. The process is easy and effective. First, members receive our consultation services, where we work with them to identify key research questions and create a project timeline that meets member needs. Then, our medical librarians undertake clinical literature searches, and our analysts synthesize information into rapid assessments of the relevant evidence on the topic. We deliver our assessments in several report formats, depending on the subject matter and available clinical literature.

Online resources

Members have access to a searchable, browsable repository of 2,000+ reports and articles on new and emerging technologies and standards of care. We publish succinct weekly briefs on hot new health technology topics and issues, as well as short descriptions of new drug, device, and biologic approvals with labeled indication and link to approval letter.

Trusted source of information and advice

The Clinical Evidence Assessment service is backed by ECRI’s 50+ years of health services research and experience. Our multidisciplinary evidence-based practice staff includes PhD-level scientists, physicians, nurses, medical technologists, clinical engineers, and Master’s-level medical librarians. Strict conflict-of-interest rules prohibit our staff, and our organization, from investing in medical device, pharmaceutical, or health insurance companies, and prohibit the acceptance of grants, gifts, or advertising from such companies—giving payers assurance of our total objectivity.

Through the Clinical Evidence Assessment service, ECRI supports government payers and commercial health plans that serve more than half the covered lives in the United States.

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